For Younger Storytellers (ages 6–8)
For Younger Storytellers (ages 6–8)
For Younger Storytellers (ages 6–8)
For Younger Storytellers (ages 6–8)
For Younger Storytellers (ages 6–8)

For Younger Storytellers (ages 6–8)

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This book is for children ages 6-8 (or so) and their family and friends. Grown-ups can help by doing most of the reading and writing, so the stories keep going and the creativity keeps flowing.

  • 20 stories we write together, in a variety of styles
  • Beautiful colour illustrations
  • Space adventures, pirates, soccer, and more!
  • 28cm wide x 21cm high
  • Paperback, 56 pages, thick pages to write and draw on
  • A keepsake filled with your kids' imaginations

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Brilliant fun tool!!

We’ve been loving Once Upon a Pancake since it arrived recently! We’re exploring different styles of storytelling. Sometimes our 6 year old wants to tell her own story and have me write it. Other times she wants to write her own, and sometimes we take turns creating the story sentence by sentence in different colors. It’s been great fun, family bonding, and of course an excellent creative way to implement so many skills into an activity that leaves you with a forever treasure of a story written by your child. Thanks for this amazing product!

Thank you!

We absolutely love this book! What a brilliant way for my 6 yr old to practice writing while also using his imagination and having fun!


Purchased for my grandchildren who started writing immediately. Loved that open ended nature of the writing

Grammar please!

Love the idea! Love the formats! But no excuse for incorrect grammar in a children’s book encouraging literacy!
Story 14: “I wish I WERE that seagull...”. Now really!
I WAS! We WERE! Can’t use these as class resources!

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the keen eye and note. I politely disagree — in that story I decided to use the subjunctive mood, in line with the wishing and imagination of the characters.

Hence ''I wish I were that fish,' thought the boy.'

Now, that does sound a little formal! And 'I wish I was that fish' would be a fine choice too, as its informality syncs with the story and how kids usually speak. Might have been a better choice than I made, actually.

But I'll stand by the 'correctness' — 'were' isn't grammatically wrong, here.
Rick :)

For younger story tellers

I am very happy with the book, but would love it to come in a hard cover so it really feels like a story book, rather than an exercise pad for school.